About my painting work

Painting miniature soldiers has always been a hobby of me. When I started painting as a kid of 7 years old I was always fascinated by the end result. Models as well as figures where living things for me. I created a miniature world. Although it where always military items, there was no aggression in my miniature world. The tanks, the guns, the fighter planes made a safe world to live in for me.

At the age of ten, I created a miniature war landscape. On this landscape, I made trenches with barbed wire, muddy roads, destroyed houses, bomb craters. Lots of these where made with gypsum and painted afterwards.

I just finished it roughly when my oldest brother went to the movie “the battle of Waterloo” . That was the start of a live of painting.

15mm, 25mm, 30mm, 54mm, 90mm, etc....




If I start with a box 1:72, I have to clean the plastic first with a degreaser.


Special ground paint gives a good foundation



For the smaller parts as eyes, I use a magnifying-glass with build in light


Pencils use are size 000, extremely fine.


Eyes, mouth, mustach......


Complete order ready!

To paint a complete box with 1:72 scale soldiers in the way I paint them  takes about 8-12 hours.... 


If you have other items you want to be painted, send me a message to betgem@hotmail.com