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Plastic and metal scale soldiers from all era's.


All figures painted by René Betgem from the Netherlands

Not painted in Asia or somewhere else, but painted by me personally.

Pickett's charge at Gettysburg


1:72 Plastic Soldiers, painted high quality

Prices painting included boxes of soldiers

30mm Metal Soldiers

Foot € 12,50

Horseman € 17,50

54mm Metal Soldiers

Foot € 49,00

Horseman € 89,00

80mm Metal Soldiers

Foot € 60,00


90mm Metal Soldiers

Foot € 75,00

Horseman € 150,00

110mm metal soldiers

Foot € 85,00 - € 105,00

Horseman € 150,00

Germans 1:72

British soldiers WW2 1:72

US paratroopers Screaming Eagles 1:72

Also buildings, structures, etc.

For my new battleground of Waterloo, La Haye Sainte

The garden of La Haye Sainte

The gate....peace, a few days for the battle..

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Wargaming is serious business!


My 1:72 soldiers are painted with acrylic colours and finished with a matt varnish.

The soldiers don't have a plastic base to stand on but instead, they have a metal pin in their leg to place them easily in my battlefield made out of softboard and papermaché


Very quickly in my youth when I began painting toy soldiers I had hated it every time I bumped accidentally to the battlefield, soldiers fell over. The small scale1:72 soldiers fell at the slightest movement of the table at all. If someone ran against the table, then there were dozens to hundreds that fell. Here was something to be done.

Soon I realized that it was fairly easy to cut away the piece of food. You cut a steel pin through the middle, the tip heats in a gas flame and press it with a rod between the legs of the plastic male. Let it cool and you could easily figure with his pin lock in a landscape that was made of paper machee or soft board.

For those not familiar with paper machee. Paper machee is very easy to make and to process. Make in a bucket the glue you use for fixing wallpaper. Allow it to stand for at least an hour until it has become thick. For the base of you miniature battlefield use a plate of soft board or isolation board used under laminate flooring. Use some small cardboard boxes to create hills. The next step is to make a lot of small paper strokes. The paper strokes you put piece by peace in the glue. Bring it on the cardboard boxes and on the soft board. This process you repeat , layer after layer, until there is a thick layer of paper covering all the boxes . Then drying. It may take a week or longer until everything is completely dry. After painting, Use grass and surface materials for model trains to complete your landscape.

The miniature soldiers with their steel needles are perfect on that surface. They are no longer falling down and are easy to move and look much more natural.

The ideal solution for a miniature battlefield.

After years of needle insertion, I became so proficient that I can now put steel pins in feet and possibly puncture in the legs. So you wont see not even a pin, it looks like the soldier stands completely on his own feet!

See my Waterloo battlefield